Hello and welcome to Food From Korea!

This may not be the smartest way to start an about page for a website that is about Korean food, but let me state here that I am not Korean and I am not a chef either. If you are still here -which I hope you are- let me tell you why I set this site up. There are a lot of things I like doing. It will take a lot of time to write about all of them here but some of them are doing research, learning interesting things, writing, and doing something that can be considered helpful.

I am hoping to make all of the above on this site.

In Food From Korea, you will be able to find useful information about lots of Korean foods, links to the other sites on the web that are providing recipes, photo galleries and informative blog post about Korean cuisine.

All of the content on this site belong to me, except the photos, almost all of which are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. I am giving their sources properly after using them.

If you want to use any content from my site, I would prefer that you get in touch with me first. I don’t think I will have any objections to my content being used as long as my site is properly linked to and cited as the source.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me using this form.

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