All right. Here we have a Korean cuisine star. One of the most popular Korean dishes -both in Korea and worldwide- Bibimbap is a beloved member of the Korean food family.

Bibimbap can be translated to English as rice with meat and vegetables. It is a rather simple dish to prepare, but you can try countless variatons on it. Basically you top rice with seasoned vegetables and sauce. Then you can add eggs, meat, different sauces or experiment with whatever you want, like chicken or seafood.

The photo you are viewing on this post is one of the variations of Bibimbak, called Dolsot Bibimbak(Dolsot meaning stone pot here). It is served in an extremely hot stone bowl- so hot that a raw egg is placed inside and it gets cooked there. So as you see, Korean food never stops being interesting. Keep searching, and you will see that there is a Bibimbak out there for everybody.

Bibimbap Recipes:

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Photo: Shreveport-Bossier

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