Budae-Jjigae(Army Base Stew)


Does this stew seem somehow familiar, even though you are absolutely positive that you have never heard of this dish before? If that’s the case, it is perfectly normal because -as the name suggests- this Korean dish definetely has some American touch in it. You would probably like more information, so let me give you a very brief history of Buda-Jjigae:

Budae means Army Base in Korean(I am sure that by now all of you know that jjigae means stew, so I am not going to mention that). After the Korean War(1950-1953), the US. army set up some bases in Korea. As you would guess, the soldiers already had their own food to eat -again, as you would guess- like ham, sausages, beef, canned beans and spam. So, to make the short story shorter, these ingredients has eventually found their way into the Korean stews, and that’s how this baby was born.

I would say that this may serve as a transition food to Korean cuisine for some people, because it has a lot of familiar ingredients for those who are not familiar with food from Korea. It is spicy and rich in ingredients, and also rich in flavour.

Budae Jjigae Recipes:

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