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Gyeongju Bread

Pastries…Some love them, well, actually almost everyone loves them, but some people do their best to stay away, and not without any good reason of course. But as some pastries taste better than the others, there are also

Hwajeon (Rice Cakes with Flowers)

Hwajeon(화전) is a small, soft and sweet tteok(rice cake) made with rice flour, sugar and -get ready- chrysanthemums. Yes, that was not a typo, as these sweet pancakes include edible flower petals such as chrysanthemum, pear blossoms or azalea. Ever heard


Songpyeon(송편 – “Song” means pine tree, “Pyeon” means steamed rice cake) is a traditional Korean dessert made with rice. It belongs to the group of Korean rice cakes called tteok, and is traditionally eaten during Chuseok(추석), Korean autumn


If you have just made yourself a lovely cup of Korean tea -about which I will write a blog post very soon- and wondering what could go with it, Dasik is just the right thing for you. A