If you have just made yourself a lovely cup of Korean tea -about which I will write a blog post very soon- and wondering what could go with it, Dasik is just the right thing for you. A very popular and beloved member of the traditional Korean confectionary, Dasik is a very light cookie that is mainly enjoyed with tea. The word itself means literally “tea food”. But I’m pretty sure you can enjoy it alone or with coffee/milk too!

Dasik is a pressed cookie and it is made using rice flour, pollen, nongmal(a starch made using soaked mung beans and sweet and regular potatoes), honey and several herbs. It is usually pressed with a dasikpan(다식판) -a press engraved with several designs to make patterns on confectionery- to make the different shapes or characters you can see on the picture. It is not as sweet as the usual western snacks, but a lot more healthier!


As with a lot of other Korean food, this one has it’s variations too.  Different types of Dasik you can make with different ingredients are:

Songhwa dasik (송화다식): Made using pollen powder.

Kong dasik (콩다식):  Made using beans.

Jinmal dasik (진말다식): Made using wheat flower and honey.

Bam dasik (밤다식): Made using chestnut.

Ssal dasik (쌀다식): Made using rice flour.

Nongmal dasik (녹말다식): Made using starch.

Heukimja dasik (흑임자다식): Made using black sesame seeds.

Main Ingredients: Honey, rice flour, pollen, nongmal

Dasik Recipes

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So far I could only find one original recipe for this one. If I find more in the future, I will update this post. I hope that will be sufficient for now. Until next post, take care!

Photo: Hyeonsook Im


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