Dongchimi(Radish Water Kimchi)


For those of you who never get tired of Kimchi, here is another delicious variation that you can enjoy. It is made using several ingredients including daikon, baechu (hangul: 배추 – Chinese cabbage),  ginger, fermented green chili, scallions, bae (hangul:  – Korean pear) and watery brine.

Although it is a dish that is best served cold, Dongchimi is usually enjoyed during the winter season and the name makes it clear as dong means winter and chimi is an ancient term for kimchi(hangul: 치미). But don’t let this discourage you from preparing it anytime you want!

Radish Water Kimchi can also be used as a soup to make Gongchimi Guksu(동치미국수 – cold noodle soup).

There are many variations of the dish, some of which are:

Baechu dongchimi (배추동치미 – Cabbage dongchimi )

For this version, you basically use the ingredients(peppers, garlic, ginger etc.) to stuff your radish and baechu. Before fermantation, you can add kelp stock to enrich the flavor.

Daenamu dongchimi (대나무동치미 – Bamboo dongchimi)

A special of South Jeolla province, this one has bamboo leave as it’s main ingredient, which naturally gives the dish a crispy taste. The fermantation takes longer but you can also store this one longer than the others.

Gungjung dongchimi (Royal dongchimi, 궁중 동치미)
This one is prepared using pomegranate, small radish and yuja. Korean pears are also added.

Main Ingredients: Daikon, baechu, ginger, green chili.

Dongchimi Recipes:


Korean Bapsang(Quick Dongchimi)


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