Galbitang(Korean Short Rib Soup)

galbitangHere we are with another rich, dense soup that is definetely not for anyone looking for a light meal! Galbitang(갈비탕) is a Korean soup made with beef short ribs, daikon(Korean radish), glass noodles and several other ingredients. Galbi is a word that is generally used to refer to the grilled dishes made with short ribs, and tang is just another name used in place of guk, which as you know means soup. Galbitang is a hearty and strong soup, and although it can be enjoyed at any  time, it is definetely a stand out choice for those that are feeling a bit under the weather and looking for some comfort soup. It is also a representative dish, served at wedding receptions.

In addition to beef short ribs, glass noodles and Korean radish, ingredients like onions, chili(It is not a spicy soup by default, but there is no reason not to make it spicy. So if you would like that, just go for it!), potatoes, soy sauce, garlic and eggs can be used too. The soup is relatively easy to make, but it takes a bit of a time for it to cook.(5 to 8 hours) So if you have things to do at home, you can finish them while your soup is getting ready!

Galbitang can be enjoyed by itself or served with steamed rice on the table. Some even like to eat it after adding some rice! The choice is yours, make your own variation!

If you like hearty, dense soups like Haejangguk(Korean Hangover Soup), I think you would like this one too. It is a common soup in Korean cuisine(almost as common as chicken soup is in US or UK) so you should try it at least once!

Main Ingredients of Galbitang: Beef short ribs, Korean radish, glass noodles.

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