Gyeranppang (Korean Egg Bread)


Gyeranppang is something perfect for family breakfasts(Or any occasion you wish actually so don’t limit yourselves!) ‘Gyeran’ (계란) means egg and ‘Ppang’ () means bread so as in many other Korean food, the name of this one makes it quite clear as to what it is. Gyeranppang (계란빵) is basically eggs and bread, so you have the two things many people love to have at breakfast with a Korean twist! Lovely, right? It is a very famous snack in Korea so if you are planning to visit, there is a good chance you will meet this one when you are looking for local foods to try!

But -like almost all, if not all Korean food- you don’t have to go to Seoul for this one. In fact it is quite simple to make this one at home. The ingredients are those you can find in most homes so you probably won’t even have to go shopping! And although not covered in my very informative blog post about Korean street foods -shame on me!- it is also a very popular street food. That is very interesting actually, considering how it screams “make me at home!”.

It is normally vegetarian-friendly, but you can make several variations as you wish. You can add bacon for example. I will include a recipe of that version too.

I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but it looks delicious. So if you are looking for something simple to make at home, look no further my friends. If you make this at home, just let me know how in the comments section how it turned out!

Don’t forget to check out the gallery and the recipes!

Main Ingredients: Eggs, bread, butter, flour, sugar, milk

Gyeranppang Gallery

Gyeranppang Recipes

Messy Witchen

My Korean Kitchen(Includes bacon)

Aeri’s Kitchen

Kfood Addict

Victoria Bakes(With additional Korean text)

Photo Credits

gyeranbbang 계란빵 by travel oriented – (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Gyeran-ppang with almonds peanuts and sunflowerseeds by mndlmdb

Gyeran-ppang [ egg bun] by mndlmdb

Korean Egg Bread 계란빵 (Gyeran-ppang) by Sam Han

Korean Egg Bread 계란빵 (Gyeran-ppang) by Sam Han

gyeran-ppang – some sort of pancake with egg on top by Gino Mempin

Gyeran Ppang by Avitania Satari Bronstein

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