Haejangguk(Korean Hangover Soup)


Ever had a hangover and wished there was something you can have to make it pass? Well, who hasn’t? So here I have for you a hot and flavory Korean remedy for your hangover moments!

The word Haejangguk is referring to many different soups in Korean cuisine which are traditionally eaten as a hangover ailment. The meaning of the word is “soup to chase hangover”. Usual ingredients are meat, beef roth, various vegetables and ox blood. As you would guess, these make a thick and strong soup that has a very rich flavor. Naturally, I would suggest vegetarians other options for a hangover cure.

Some Variations: If you order a haejangguk in a restaurant, the soup they serve you would probably change based on the region you are in. Different regions have different recipes of this soup, so there are a lot of variations you can try, some of which are:

Ugeojiguk (우거지국) – Prepared using ugeoji (우거지 – dried leaves of Chinese cabbage)

Seonjiguk (선짓국) – Prepared using seonji (선지 –  coagulated ox blood)

Gulgukbap – Prepared using oysters and buchu.

Kongnamulguk (콩나물국) – Prepared using kongnamul (bean sprouts).

Jaecheopguk – This soup is made with jaecheop (Corbicula fluminea – freshwater clams) and buchu (garlic chives).

Haejangguk might not be everyone’s cup of tea. And there are always other options for curing a hangover. But still I suggest you to give it a try, you might love it!

Main Ingredients: Congealed ox blood, vegetables, napa cabbage and beef broth

Haejangguk Recipes

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