Haemul Jeongol (Seafood Stew)


In Korean cuisine, stews or cassaroles that contain more than one main ingredient are grouped under the category Jeongol. It is similar to the Jigae category of stews, but as you probably know, jjigae are usually made with a single main ingredient. Also -to throw in a little piece of history- jeongol was originally a dish prepared for people from upper-class of Korea and members of the royal court, while jjigae was a dish for more common people.

So as you can guess by now, haemul jeongol is essentially a seafood soup with lots of ingredients. It is loved by many people and for good reasons. It has tasty ingredients and  a strong, spicy broth that adds extra flavor to them. It is a very rich soup. If you don’t have a problem with spicy dishes -it shouldn’t be too spicy anyway- or seafood, I think you should definetely try this meal. It is not a very hard dish to prepare at home with the right ingredients. Of course, the secret seems to be always using fresh seafood when preparing the soup.

Main ingredients: Fresh seafood(shrimp, clams, octupus, lobster etc.), kimchi, white radish(moo or daikon), fish sauce.

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