Janchi Guksu (Warm Noodle Soup)

Janchi Guksu

Soup and noodles…Sounds like a beautiful combination, right? Janchi Guksu(잔치국수) is a noodle dish from Korea, that consists of wheat noodles in an anchovy or beef broth. As you can easily tell from the picture above, broth and noodles are not the only ingredients of this healthy dish. It is usually topped with several other ingredients, like vegetables, eggs or beef. Typically, it is served with a spicy sauce made from sesame oil, chili pepper powder, gangjang and scallions. If you want something light and warm for a healthy meal, this is one of your best options.

In Korea, the noodle dish has been associated with longevity. Because of that, it is traditionally eaten in special occasions like marriages, hwangap(60th birthday celebration), feasts or birthdays. That’s where the name of this dish was derieved from. As you probably know by know, guksu means noodles in Korean. And the word janchi means “feast” or “banquet”. There is even an expression in Korean that means “When will you feed us guksu?”, which is a way of asking someone when he/she will be getting married. Also, you can hear a wedding day being referred to as a day to eat guksu.

So yes, if you go to a Korean wedding one day, you should expect to see this dish. Or you can just make it at home. It may take some time to prepare the broth, noodles and toppings, but it will be quite a rewarding experience. Don’t forget to check the gallery and the recipes.

Main Ingredients: Noodles, broth, vegetables

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Photo Credits

Janchi Guksu[잔치 국수] by Chloe Lim – CC BY 2.0

Wheat flour noodles in clear soup [Janchi Guksu] by Chloe Lim – CC BY 2.0

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