Kalguksu(Knife Noodles)


Kalguksu is basically wheat flour noodles that are served in a bowl with broth and various other ingredients of choice. The name comes from the fact that the noodles are actually knife-cut, instead of being extruded or spun.

The broth to use can be prepared with dried anchovies, shellfish, kelp or chicken. Then the noodles and various vegetables are boiled all together.

There are different verisons of this noodle dish with different ingredients, ranging from octopus(Small Octopus Kalguksu – 밀국낙지칼국수) to mushrooms(Pine Mushroom Kalguksu – 송이버섯칼국수) that you can enjoy based on your preferences.

Kalguksu Recipes:

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Photo: Gary Stevens

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