Kimchijeon(Kimhi Pancake)


Kimchijeon(or Kimchi buchimgae – 김치부침개) is a type of a pancake that is made using mostly kimchi and flour batter. It is a very popular snack/appetizer in Korea and a good way to use ripened kimchi.

The word pancake may naturally bring sweets to minds, but there are a lot of different types of jeon(Korean pancakes) and this one is more salty & spicy than sweet. Although the main ingredients are kimchi and flour batter, you can make variations by adding several other vegetables or meat.

If you like pancakes, you should give Kimchieon a try. It is cheap and very easy to make at home with very few ingredients. Don’t forget to check out the recipes!

Main ingredients of Kimchijeon: Kimchi, flour batter.

Kimchijeon Recipes:

Korean Bapsang

Aeri’s Kitchen

My Korean Kitchen

Taste With The Eyes

Asian at Home – This recipe includes Bacon!

Bap Story



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