Kongnamul Guk(Soybean Sprout Soup)


Kongnamul -for which I will make a seperate post later- is  a basic Korean side-dish that is made from soybean sprouts. The term also means soybean sprouts in Korean language. They are very common in Korean cuisine and used in many different dishes. Kongnamul Guk(콩나물국) is the soup made from -as the name suggests- soybean sprouts.

It is a very common and beloved soup in Korean cuisine, even so that you can think of it as a chicken soup of Korea- without chicken, that is. It is very simple to preare, and it can be prepared spicy or non-spicy. If you have a bad cold or hungover from the night before, this soup is the perfect remedy! It has a high amount of Vitamin C, so it is very good for children and they love it too!

It can be made with different kinds of broth like anchovy broth, beef broth or even water really. The call is yours. For the ones who can’t live without spicy food, the key ingredient to add would be gochugaru(red chili pepper flakes). Kongnamul Guk is very easy to prepare, so if you want to cook a classic Korean soup, you better get to work!

Main Ingredients: Soybean sprouts, anchovies, garlic, salt and pepper, water

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