Korean Curry Rice


As you probably already know, curry is mostly associated with Indian food. It has a distinctive and rather strong flavour, so it is safe to say that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It is one of those things that you either love, or hate.

Well, curry has it’s place in Korean cuisine also(although it does not taste exactly the same as the Indian curry), so if you don’t hate it, I would suggest that you give this easy-to-make dish a try. Although the star of the show is -as the name suggests- curry here, there is lots and lots of room for improvisation, so feel free to get creative!

There are several brands of curry powder you can use. And  you can experiment with the rest of the ingredients. You can use vegetables, you can use chicken or you can use beef. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations!

Korean Curry Rice Recipes:

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