Nabak Kimchi(Water Kimchi)


How about something spicy & watery? This healthy side dish is prepared using mainly sliced Korean daikon(a kind of a radish) and Napa cabbage. The remaining ingredients are mixed vegetables and spices. You can use cucumber, ginger, water dropwort (minari, 미나리),  scallion, red chilies, garlic, chili pepper powder, sugar, salt. The pink color of the dish comes from the red pepper.

The word “nabak(나박)” in the name is coming from the shape of the sliced cabbage and radish. The technique of slicing vegetables thinly to a square-like shape is called “nabaknabak (hangul 나박나박)”

Nabak Kimchi is mostly enjoyed in warm times of spring and summer. It can be prepared in a relatively short time(around 1 hour in total) and can be served to vegetarians & vegans.

Nabak Kimchi Recipes:

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Photo: Nicole Cho

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