Ojingeo Bokkeum (Stir-Fried Squid)

Ojingeo Bokkeum

Bokkeum is the term used for describing Korean dishes made with stir-fried ingredients. There are a lot of them, and I may make a blog post about a number of them in the future. You may remember Nakji Bokkeum (Stir-fried small octopus) from earlier this year, and if you liked that one, you will probably like this too.

Ojingeo bokkeum (or ojinguh-bokkeum – 오징어볶음) is basically stir-fried squid prepared with sauce and vegetables. It is a popular dish in Korea and it can be found in a lot of restaurants. One of the frequently used ingredients when making ojingeo bokkeum is gochujang, the famous chili pepper paste that is used a lot in Korean dishes, so it is a spicy dish. Let that be a caution to anyone who will order it in a restaurant, but at home, I suppose you can adjust the heat level to your liking. The vegetables that are commonly used are onions, zucchini, broccoli and carrots.

Ojingeo bokkeum can be easily made at home. So if you like seafood and want to make an authentic Korean meal at home, you can definetely go with this one. You may serve it with some rice and it would be a very good meal. Don’t forget to check the gallery and the recipes!

Main Ingredients: Squid, soy sauce, vegetables, gochujang

Ojingeo Bokkeum Gallery

Ojingeo Bokkeum Recipes

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Photo Credits

Main photo by Tammy Green – CC BY-SA 2.0

Cooked Korean Stir-fried Squid by Debbie Tingzon – CC BY 2.0

Hot and Spicy Stir Fried Squid With Rice Cakes by Tony Alter – CC BY 2.0

Korean spicy stir-fried squid by Chloe Lim – CC BY 2.0

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