Pajeon(Green onion pancake)


Here we have another type of jeon with another main ingredient that we are not used to see in pancakes: Green onion. Pajeon(Pa meaning green onion and Jeon meaning pancake-like dishes in Korea)  may sound -and look- unusual for a pancake but it is actually a beloved food in Korea and if you do not have a problem with green onions, you might enjoy it.

It’s main ingredients are very common so you can easily prepare it at home. When making Pajeon, you can add several additional ingredients like pork, beef and kimchi to your liking. Pajeon prepared with various seafood(like  oysters, shrimp, squid, clams) is called haemul pajeon.

Main ingredients: Eggs, flour, green onions.

Pajeon Recipes:


Crazy Korean Cooking – Version with seafood


Beyond Kimchee – Version with seafood

Cooking Channel – Version with seafood – Version with seafood

David Lebovitz

Rice and Bread

SBS – Version with seafood

Rasa Malaysia

Photo: Debbie Tingzon

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