Tteokgalbi (Short Rib Patties)

TteokgalbiPreviously I have written about Galbitang(Short rib soup) and Galbijjim(Beef short ribs). Now let’s continue with another delicious galbi(short ribs) dish.

Tteokgalbi(떡갈비) is a very flavory Korean food made from beef ribs, by seperating the meat from the bone, mincing it and marinating it in sauce. The name of the dish might be confusing as it literally means rice cake ribs(“tteok” means “rice cake” as some of you may know) but that is because the preparing process of this is similar to that of making a rice cake and the final texture of the meat also resembles rice cakes. So don’t worry, no actual rice cake will be involved in your barbeque!

As a part of the royal court cuisine, it used to be prepared for the Kings. Later, it became a regional special dish of the South Jeolla Province(전라남도). Now it is very popular all over the country. You can find lots of variations of this in restaurants all over Korea!

I am categorizing it under both main dishes and side dishes here, because barbecued ribs can be enjoyed by many as the main dish but in Korea this particular one is generally served as a side dish to rice.

It is definetely not the easiest meal to prepare. You have to seperate the meat from the bones, mince it finely and then marinate it in a salty, sweet and flavory sauce. So yes it takes some work, but you can rest assured that the taste of it will definetely make it worth your while!

Main Ingredients: Beef short ribs, oil and marinating ingredients

Tteokgalbi Recipes:



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