Yakgwa(Fried Honey Cookies)


Among the things we don’t stop loving after growing up is cookies. They go with milk, they go with soda, they go with coffee and tea and -why not?- they go alone very well too. So here is a Korean dessert, a tasty mixture of honey, sesame oil and wheat flour that will make your mouths water.

The word yakgwa meansĀ medicinal confectionery. This is related to the main ingredients of this dessert, because during the era of Joseaon Dynasty, honey was considered as a medicine as it was good for health. Well…We can’t blame them can we? It has a very rich flavor of honey so if you are all right with that, there is no reason for you not to like this one.

It is a traditional Korean dessert and was traditionally served at ceremonies and several special occasions. And as you can see from the image, it is traditionally shaped like a flower. A sweet, delicious flower that is!

Main Ingredients: Honey, sesame oil, wheat flour.

Yakgwa Recipes:

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