Yeongyang Dolsotbap(Norishing Hot Stone Pot)


After Radish Water Kimchi, here we are with another winter meal post -yes, in the middle of summer. Wouldn’t it be better if you learn ’em now and be ready when the time comes, rather than desperately searching for a recipe for something cozy on a winter night? That’s right.

Yeongyang Dolsotbap(영양돌솥밥)  -also known as the hot stone pot rice- is a rather simple meal of rice with several other ingredients cooked in a stone pot. Some of the ingredients you can choose to use/not to use to tailor this meal to your taste are pepper, garlic, mushrooms, nuts, black beans and chest nuts.

It is said to have healing properties, which I cannot say that I have witnessed but I don’t think it needs anything supernatural to deserve a place on your table either. It is a tasty and healthy dish to keep you warm on a cold day/night. Enjoy and don’t forget to check the recipe!

Main Ingredients: Rice, beans, chestnut, jujube

Yeongyang Dolsotbap Recipes:

The East

Photo: Jinho Jung

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