Bindaetteok (Mung Bean Pancake)

Bindaetteok is a type of jeon(Korean style pancake) made using ground mung beans, green onions and kimchi. It is also called nokdujeon and nokdu jijim, and it literally means “mung bean

Janchi Guksu (Warm Noodle Soup)

Soup and noodles…Sounds like a beautiful combination, right? Janchi Guksu(잔치국수) is a noodle dish from Korea, that consists of wheat noodles in an anchovy or beef broth. As you can


How about something straight from Korean Royal Court cuisine? Sinseollo – also called yeolguja tang – is a symbolic dish of royal cuisine of Korea. It mainly consists of meatballs, round jeonyueo(전유어), mushrooms and

Gyeongju Bread

Pastries…Some love them, well, actually almost everyone loves them, but some people do their best to stay away, and not without any good reason of course. But as some pastries taste

Dotorimuk (Korean Acorn Jelly)

Spicy jelly with soy sauce. Doesn’t quite sound ordinary, does it? Well, it should if you live in Korea. Although the above photo may seem to unattentive eyes like some dish with